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This is a site where we are dedicated to helping people learn about extinct or just cute animals! You also will learn about the enviroment. Animals are cute, But they are also impotant to the enviroment.Don't think that animals are here just to entertain us! They have important jobs in their life. It may not seem like it but they are.Like when you see a bird flying in the air,it doesn't look hard but it is hard for them. They have to learn to fly, It is also hard to fly because of the rain. If their wings get wet it is really hard for them to fly, Because thier wings et heavier.

Here are some of the things that this website contriputes with!

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    Those are only some of the things that we contribute with! This is a education site, But it can also just be fun to look at all the cute videos and animals!

    Cats Scared Of Cucumbers

  • Some people think that they are scared of them because, It is just the unexpected. They didn't expect the cucumber to be there! Who knows this may be why!
  • Some people also think that it is becuase they think it is a snake! People suspect that it would be the same way with a fake spider, a plastic fish or even a human face mask!

    I guess we will never really know why cats are scared of cucumbers! I mean we can't just walk up to a cat and ask them. That would be cool though!

  • Here is a link for a video, Copy and paste the link to Youtube!~~~~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLZvYrvYi0c


    Pandas... Pandas are interesting animals. They like to eat bamboo and lay in the sun, But just how many pandas are left? Not many people stop and think, How many more of these are they? Here are some interesting facts about Pandas.

  • Since the last time they checked there are only about 1,864 Pandas left in the wild! These numbers may be low but,the Panda population has increased by 1,000 ever since the 1970's!
  • A Panda's diet contains of bamboo, bamboo and more bamboo! A panda eats about 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo a day!
  • Panda's never build dens they takes shelter in caves and trees!
  • A wild Pandas life last about 20 years, A Panda in captive can live up to 30 years!
  • Panda's have been a sign of peace for hundreds of years, A vouple of hundred years ago tribes that were in war would raise a flag with a picture of a panda on it. That would stop the battle or call a truce.
  • Panda's are usally born in August or September, When they are born they are usally the size of a butter stick! A cub has pink skin, A thin coat of whit fur, a long tail, and no teeth. A panda is almost 2 years old when it leaves it mother!
  • Panda fur can sell for $60,000 and on the illegal market it can sell for $100,000
  • Panda's have lived on the earth for about two to three million years!
  • The Panda habitat is half the size it was years ago, that is bad.

    Now that you know so much on Panda's, Maybe you will be able to see how Panda's arn't just cute animals! They have a life and they have a hard one! You have to remember people illegaly hunt panda's which isn't good! Panda's deserve to have a life just like us!

    Why Animals Are Important

    Animals....Animals are a important part of our life. I'm not just talking about cats and dogs, I mean cats and dogs are pretty cute! I am talking about cows, pigs, birds, horses, goat and sheep. There are more but I can't sit here and type them all! Here are some of the animals and there importances!

  • They provide milk
  • Animal hair, It keeps us warm. Horse hair can also be made into paintbrushes.
  • They also provide meat, I am totally against animal killing. Some people become vegertarion. In case any of you don't know what a vegertarion is, A vegertarion is someone who eats salad and they avoid eating meat. Vegertian's can become a vegertarian for many reasons.
  • We also get eggs from them. The eggs they don't fertilize, We get htem and use them to cook. We just have to make sure we arn't eating little birdies.

    Animals are not just important to us, They are also important to the enviroement. Here are some of the reasons that animals help save the ecosystem.

  • The food chain, Every animal is part of the food chain. If it wasn't for the food chain, The animals might take over the world. If the food chain wasn't around then every animal would have to be a producer. A producer means make thier own food. They wouldn't be able to eat each other which means that the population of the animals would increase a lot.


    Koalas....There are not a lot of them left.Koalas are cute but they also have a hard life.

  • 80 percent of the Koala habitat has been destroyed!
  • The Koala eats about 2.5 pounds of food a day.
  • They can only live in one place, Austrila
  • Koalas are not bears
  • There is a myth that Koalas sleep a lot becuase they get drunk from gum fruit, That is not true. They sleep a lot becasue it takes a lot of energy to digest their toxic, fibours, low-nuitrition diet.
  • Baby Koalas are known as "Joeys"
  • A female Koala only gives birth about once a year.
  • When a baby koala is born its ears are not yet developed, they have no fur,and it is blind. It is only about 2 cenimeters long when it is born.